Game or puzzle, two ways to call the Cuadram system

Based on the old Chinese game Tangram, this system of building blocks consists of five rectangular units which combine to compose shelves or coffee tables of different sizes or separate into small stands, stools or support columns. Cuadram, designed by Pilar León and edited by the Cuadram Studio in Madrid, was presented at the Milan Fair in 2010. The modules are made of lacquered MDF with push-on opening system and of lacquered iron with covers fixed with magnets. The attaching system of the modules is very simple so that combinations can be changed easily. The absence of handles helps to preserve the continuity and purity of form. Its versatility makes them to be used in all types of spaces: homes, hotels or offices. Currently, with registered patents in the USA and in the EU, Cuadram Studio is in the process to extend its marketing abroad.

Download Technical Specs. MDF
Download Technical Specs. Iron
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